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房地产经纪人 & 物业经理

杰森Marascio started in 客户服务 和 sales at the young age of 12 delivering newspapers in the mornings 和 selling magazine subscriptions door to door on the weekends. He continued to work all through high school acquiring various jobs at lumber yards, 餐厅, 和零售商店. Jason eventually l和ed a job with a wholesale hardware distribution company located in Dublin, California right out high school where he flourished 和 was continuously promoted within the company for the next five years.  改变齿轮, Jason utilized his 客户服务 skills 和 passion for cars to become a Nissan service advisor. 不久,Jason就得到了服务经理的职位, but instead chose to relocate to the Dallas Fort Worth area in 2004 to be closer to his family. 他继续在达拉斯地区为日产工作, but quickly found the dealership pace to be much slower than he was accustom to. Jason is not one to sit idle 和 started seeking other job opportunities when he was introduced to a real estate investor. 不怕艰苦的工作, Jason rolled up his sleeves 和 started getting vacant rental properties ready while still 维护 a full time job during the week with Nissan. 尽管他从最基层的清洁厕所做起, 清除垃圾, 和 being witness to some pretty nasty things Jason knew that real estate investing was an avenue he wanted to pursue. After just a few short months Jason quit his full time job with Nissan 和 started his own business, 精英投资物业服务. 这只是房地产投资的皮毛, Jason started We Buy North 德州 bat365s in 2005 which allowed him to generate leads 和 build his own rental portfolio. 在购买了几处出租物业之后, Jason found that managing them was becoming a full time job thus another business emerged in 2007, 冰川财产管理最终发展成今天的样子, bat365官方下载公司. 引用“正直”作为杰森最喜欢的词, he has built a thriving business on a foundation of trust 和 honesty in an industry that is often short on both. Jason brings a passion as a property 管理r to every city he works in – from Plano to McKinney, 弗里斯科,艾伦, 以及北达拉斯郊区所有其他充满活力的社区!


运营总监-房地产经纪人 & 物业经理

珍妮Marascio started in the Mortgage industry in 1998 with an emerging internet company called E-Loan. She gained extensive knowledge in the mortgage industry eventually obtaining her loan officer license with the 德州 Department of Savings 和 Lending in 2006. Her focus shifted from the mortgage industry to real estate investing 和 then to 物业管理 2007年,她开始与丈夫杰森·马拉西奥携手工作. Jenny then completed the necessary education to obtain her real estate license 和 then ultimately becoming a 德州 Real Estate Broker. Jenny oversees the day to day operations 和 is extremely knowledgeable about the rental programs, 广告, 达拉斯沃斯堡市场. 作为物业经理, 珍妮喜欢参观小榆树这样的小城市, 豆科灌木, 和萨克森在德州, 她知道每一个人的琐事和历史事实!



简白’s work experience (which would eventually lead her to 物业管理 in Plano, 她十几岁时开始做接待员, which had blossomed into a high-level executive assistant position spanning 20+ years 和 included serving several well-known world leaders of their industries. In 2000, Jane discovered her talent assisting both sellers 和 buyers in the world of real estate. 她很想继续她的事业, Jane exp和ed her client service abilities while continuing to offer superior 客户服务. Early 2012 brought another opportunity to add an additional facet to her real estate resume, 物业管理. 简加入了bat365官方下载团队 高级物业经理 和 is enjoying contributing her 客户服务 skills 和 attention to detail. 主要与业主合作, 简专注于提供信息, 可靠的, 最重要的是, offering the best overall 客户服务 in an industry that is often lacking just that, 客户服务. 简不仅喜欢参观普莱诺的房产,还喜欢参观理查森或艾伦的房产, 特别是在春天或秋天天气凉爽的时候!



安德鲁·海斯在房地产市场工作了四年多. 安德鲁的成就包括,他获得了The 北德克萨斯大学 在2008年,他成为了一名持证房地产经纪人 德州.  He has also completed certifications through MetroTex to become a Leasing 和 物业管理 Specialist. Andrew’s dedication to clients is reflected in the way that he conducts business 和 he strives to exceed any expectations set before him. Andrew found his way to bat365官方下载公司 in 2013 和 has proven himself to be an asset to the company. 安德鲁喜欢密切关注艾伦蓬勃发展的房地产市场, 德州, 还有牧豆树, 德州, as today’s home sale can become tomorrow’s investment property in need of 物业管理 services!



Toryn牛顿于2018年初“坠入”物业管理公司. 托林一直对房地产充满热情, 他甚至考虑过当一名房地产经纪人, 所以当她得到达拉斯地区租赁顾问的职位时, 托林从乔治亚州搬到了德克萨斯州. 她在这行待的时间越长, the more she began to feel that she could have a career in 物业管理, 虽然周末工作让我很难有时间和家人在一起. 2019年6月, she was offered a position with bat365官方下载公司 as their administrative assistant. 这个角色结合了托林的许多优点, 包括组织, 创造力, 客户服务, 以及行业知识. The chance to have a job that she is passionate about 和 still have time for family has been a huge blessing. 她很高兴能和公司一起学习和成长, 她甚至正在学习课程,以获得她的德州房地产执照!



凯利Mattix began her career in the mortgage industry with Countrywide in 1995, 虽然上大学. 希望扩展自己的知识, she moved to a mortgage law firm 和 learned the art of preparing closing documents. 在这个职位上干了一年之后, an opportunity in the Accounting Department was offered 和 she found her calling! 十八年后,, 和同一家公司, 凯莉觉得应该多陪陪家人, 所以我选择了改变,做了一个全职妈妈. 她最小的孩子开始上学了, 凯利找到了一个为NTXPM工作的令人兴奋的机会. 她发现她的兼职工作既具有挑战性,又有回报, 享受机会体验抵押贷款行业的其他方面. Kelly enjoys the checks 和 balances of daily accounting 和 exceeds in investigation 和 streamlining work flow. She takes pride in her job 和 strives to do everything to the best of her ability. 本机德州, 在北德克萨斯州出生长大, 她喜欢和丈夫和两个孩子在一起.